I have been helping out at this organization for a very long time (14 years). In that time I have seen a ton of people come and go, and not even close to as many people stay. I have to say that I am thankful that my parents were the ones to bring me here, and I have continued the tradition and expanded on it by not only attending the weekends but also attending the summer camp. When I heard how much it was to run camp each year I was astonished, and how much they were collecting was a scary difference. Which is why I have come to the internet to ask for help from anyone who uses amazon. Amazon Smile is Amazon’s way of giving back to organizations like ours and really helping make it happen. If anyone is interested in helping please go here to Amazon Smile and choose Camp Fatima of NJ. And when ever you shop on Amazon go to Amazon Smile and when you purchase anything it will be helping us keep camp up and running.